I wanted to give you a little background on me.  I have gone with the general currents in this world, never get to far out of the pack or going against the grain.  When one sheepishly tries to exert some self-determination the pressure from the in-group snaps you back in line quick or else you may be out of your peer group altogether.  This may a little like Nemo who is a little wounded, but trying to get home.  Knowing where home is, is the real journey we are all on.  I will take you along.  All kids out of the pool.  It is time for an Adult swim.  All floatation devices out of the pool.  Either you can swim or you can’t.  if you got in the pool, then let go of the side and get at it.  That is what I am doing, wading out into the deep end and see if the more important things in life become a little more crystal clear.