Nose Prints on the Glass

I happen to have two dogs and they love to look outside.  We have two recliners that are used exclusively by our dogs to face the street and look out of the windows to see woodland creatures scampering about, birds flying overhead, and even a cardinal that comes back every single year and runs hundreds of Kamikaze missions into our windows every day for the spring and summer months.  That thumping has become so predictable, that our dogs do not even react to it anymore.

Additional moments of excitement is when the mail man comes or anyone walks down the street.  Dogs do not understand property lines and who is permitted where.

On the outside looking in at our dogs through the windows, you cannot help but notice the nose prints.  This requires weekly window cleaning just to keep our house from looking un-kept from the outside.

All around the first floor of the house, the bottom windows have these nose prints. Over time thy can obscure the view for the dogs and that do not get as clear a picture of what is really going on around them.  That me cause them to drop their head lower to find areas of the glass that are not marred yet.

While these dogs are animals, every now and again it appears like they are thinking through the problem and then start to stand up on the back paws and get a cleaner and clearer view.  Over time they glass gets marred even further up on the glass.

The actual reason for the glass getting marred is that they are so excited and push there nose and paws into the glass.  They pant, move, nose and paw to get to what is on the outside.  I look at this process as doers and not thinkers.

On the other hand, I can sit a little further back and a little higher up and not mar the looking glass at all.  At the same time I may be so removed as to never engage or ever do.  So what is the right balance of thoughtful evaluation and active engagement. Every personality type is going to be different and the mix is different for every person.  I think the answer is in what do we currently do mostly today instinctively.  That part already comes natural.  my thought is to create opportunities to do the other.  It is not as natural.  So engaging with purpose to handle the lesser with more effort is probably the healthy solution.

This is just a general observation and can be proven wrong in a micro sense based on one specific individual or another.  It just seems like the answer for most things is a healthy balance.  So I would apply that same principle to this.  If you have been to removed, then it is time to get a little excited and get your nose prints on the glass.  By the way, we are humans so we can walk out the front door and engage the world.

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