Many times when you hear about stewardship, you usually think about your giving from a financial perspective.  Our giving should also include our calendar.  In our church we have spoken about how many hours is consumed a week by your church involvement.  If you are involved in a bible study, a care group, Sunday School and church on Sunday.  That consumes on average eight hours every week.  We also sleep eight hours a day, which equates to fifty six hours for the week.  If we have one hundred and fifty six hours a week and we subtract eight hours for current involvement in church and fifty six hours for sleep, then every week we have one hundred and twelve hours to offer up in terms of good stewardship.   So if God has given us this awake time and the rest is available time at work and in the community to present God an offering.  It could mean walking alongside someone at work that is going through a tough time.  It may be an opportunity for you to give that person your testimony.  It may be an opportunity to pray for and with that person. It may be an opportunity to schedule a time to get together after work to dig in a little deeper.

It could also be serving the community or choosing to go and feed the homeless at a soup kitchen.  it could be being a positive influence in the places that you go on a routine basis. It could be who and how you interact with people at the YMCA or Gym that you frequent.  It could be the person that sells you your coffee or soda every single day.  The point is to not check out and just escape from one thing to the next.  it is to offer up our time in a purposeful and honoring way.

We become self-centered and think we deserve “our time”.  We may go and do things begrudgingly. It is our heart that we need to offer up to God moment by moment.  if our heart is not in the right place, we know that it is time to get in His word or find a place to pray.  We know there are early tells when we are just drifting from one thing on the calendar to the next or falling into a Malaise because we have no schedule or structure at all.

The plan is to set out time for the Lord for our own fellowship.  When that is right then we can shine the light to others.  Thinking about stewardship in respect to my time and attitude is an eye opener for me.  Financial stewardship to ask for thankful giving.  In the same way, we need to thankfully give of our time so that God will be glorified in our community.

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