What you looking at?

Did you ever feel like you were always the odd man out.  Like either you were the only one drunk at the party or the only one sober.  The language, the social cues, the light banter, the trying to pretend that you care, but you really don’t.  What happens when you come to full terms that you are self-centered and self-absorbed.  When you get a bit too introspective do you get defensive and just shut down?  I know, we can more easily handle critiques if they come with 9 affirmations to balance out the scorecard.  Do we look at ourselves appropriately? Are we too hard on ourselves? Are we too easy? Do we deflect, reject, react, shutdown.  Is it possible to do all of these things and still feel like while trying to be introspective and grow a bit, in the end it is just too emotionally exhausting.

I am here to say yes and yes.  So what is the release button that we can hit and everything magically falls into place.  Do we have to take a journey backwards before we can move forward.  I am thinking that that really depends on where we are at any given time.  What is our trajectory?  You have heard you are either living or dying or gaining ground or losing ground.  When we think we are in a holding pattern, more than likely we are in a slow decline.  What is the goal, the mission, the purpose, the passion we live each day with?  If I do not know is the answer, then we got sum splainin to do to ourselves.  If we were battling the same challenge 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20, 30 and things have not improved then we need to be shaken to our core.  The idea is to remove money from the stress causers in the family. Having a plan to effectively deal with money allows us to then focus on the really important things in life. We want to be content and have a genuine smile.  Mine was enhanced recently by  my dentist.  But the smile really comes from within our inner being.

There are answers, there are paths, there are better ways to accomplish what it is we really want to accomplish.  We just need to get the “me” out of the way. Join me as we walk down this path together and see if we cannot find a little bit of light in the darkness.

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